You can learn Metal Science using Instagram

For a long time I've been resisting the fashion to register in Instagram, until recently when I decided «to do the cleaning» in my hard drive and found a bunch of photos with such notes like «to write a post about this», «write a post about that» ...

So if I wouldnt decide to clean the mess in my PС those photos would still be covered with «a virtual dust». During the cleaning an interesting idea came up: «it would be nice to use the Instagram for educational purposes». All of these photos can be uploaded to my Instagram profile with comments, and after a while they will form some kind of online atlas of steel microstructures and defects and other interesting things.

Books are filled with various schemes, drawings, and other black-and-white illustrations, but sometimes they do not provide a clear picture of the subject or the process, but a simple color photo could be very helpful.

Here, for example, a picture from GOST-4543 (a russian standard for low alloyed steels) which illustrates a method for determining the portion of shear fracture in Charpy specimen after an impact test. Based on these pictures a laboratory specialist should determine the portion of shear fraction. How can he make it looking at this? 🙂


Fig. 1. Chart for determining the portion of shear fracture

I`ll leave this picture without further comments.

So... all the text above was just a prelude to present my new project — lets call it «Learm Metal Science via Instagram».


P.S. As you may have noticed, English is not my mother language, so please do not hesitate to correct me. I`ll really appreciate it if you you send me all the corrections to my email.

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