Scale tempering colours?!!

Today`s post is going to be a little bit unusual: I`m going to ask questions instead of only telling the stories.
So here is the situation: a batch of parts has come to our production facility. According to the claimed manufacturer's process the parts were normalized and tempered.
The exact tempering temperature is unknown, but taking into account the specifics of the parts production and their usage, i suppose that their tempering temperature was somewhere
between 180°C and 400°C. All the parts were black, except the one «outsider»: it was reddish-brown or something like that ... and it defenitely was not the rust. Читать полностью

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Steel Properties Calculator ABC Steel ©

Yesterday I finished coding a «steel calculator» for cellphones with Android OS. I called it «ABC Steel», which is short for «Android Based Calculator of Steel Properties». I dropped out the word «properties» in the acronym, for if I `d let it stay there I`d get «ABCSteel Pro» which would be similar to the name «JMatPro» (Java-based Materials Properties), which already exists and is very familiar. So, finally I share my first brand new Android-app. Hooray!

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You can learn Metal Science using Instagram

For a long time I've been resisting the fashion to register in Instagram, until recently when I decided «to do the cleaning» in my hard drive and found a bunch of photos with such notes like «to write a post about this», «write a post about that» ... Читать полностью

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